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Friday, July 16, 2010

So what about this CREED?

In this session we would like you to reflect on the CREED (the profession of your Catholic faith) and what it means to you and how it relates to your way of life.


After watching the video above, please read an article about The Creed                 " click here" .

After reading the article, please answer ALL of the questions below...

(A) What is a 'creed'?

(B)  What is a 'profession of faith'?

(C)  What is the Trinity?

(D)  What is the Incarnation?

(E)  What is an example of the "Paschal Mystery" in everyday life?

(F)  What are the 4 Marks of the Catholic church?

(G)  When do you recite the Creed?

(H)  Do you really believe what you are saying when you say the Creed?  Or do you just say it without  really thinking about the words?

Please remember to post your answers using your assigned # (do not use your name).
As always, please CONTACT ME if you have any questions:

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